Remito enlace a un tema importante. El nuevo nivel de newtorking, es el NetWearing.


It is said that 80% of jobs come from networking. Is networking working for
you? Probably not. Most networking involves trying to find people so you can tell
them about yourself.

Successful people have learned something we all should practice. It is
called NetWeaving.

People want to help them because they help others first. Here are your

Networking – Me first.
NetWeaving – You first.
CareerWeaving – NetWeaving with the ability to articulate clearly what you
need when given the opportunity.

NetWeaving is the discipline of asking people what they need and trying to
help them. It may be an introduction to someone or as simple as providing an
article that would be of use to them. NetWeaving is about their needs with no
thought of what you will get out of it.

CareerWeaving combines the activities of NetWeaving while recognising the
short-term goals you have in trying to make a career change. While you are
helping people they may ask how they can help you. It is important that you
have a response that will generate suggestions and offers of help. A 60-second
verbal resume reply doesn’t work.

The key of CareerWeaving is to help others first. While this is tough if you
are looking for work, it is the best way to develop long lasting relationships.

Some action steps you can take immediately are:

Hooking up ‘virtual referrals’ via email
Physically ‘hosting’ meetings to introduce two people to each other
Supplying friends, past business associates, centers of influence, etc. with
information and resources. Create a response for when others want to help you. What are you asking for?

How many people can you CareerWeave with this week?

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