Estudios de Ciberseguridad

Recientemente se han publicados enlaces donde se comentan tendencias en ataques y fraudes en medios
electrónicos, así como uso de criptografía en las empresas. Espero sea de su


The report said that there were more than 237 million security attacks in the
first half of the year. Governments were the most targeted sector, with more
than 54 million attacks, while manufacturing ranked second with 36 million,
financial services third with 34 million, and healthcare fourth with more than
17 million.


“The survey suggests we are at a turning point for the widespread use of
cryptography within IT security” said Richard Moulds, vice president marketing
at nCipher. “The greater use of encryption, decryption, signing and
authentication means that managing cryptographic keys across the enterprise is
becoming increasingly complex and diverse. We believe there will be significant
growth in the number of cryptographic keys that needs to be managed, clearly
demonstrating there is a growing need in the marketplace for systems and
processes to manage this booming issue.”

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